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2018-05-24 : New law

Really do not think you have not heard about 
GDPR The new law regulating 
data protection that comes into effect 
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2015-01-08 : JS HEM secrets being sent

HII have so much to tell you. Just visit my blog and all will be revealed. Click here!...
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2015-01-03 : JS HEM 2105

Foto: Per Magnus Persson

A new year always means new possibilities. Actually every day has the
same promise, but when a new year starts there is a special energy that
is worth taking care of and sharing.

Just came home from a fantastic road trip with my love and our three dogs.

We drove from Hoby Mosse, Skåne, Sweden where we live down to Rome, Italy
and back!
We stopped in Germany, Austria and saw a lot of Italy.

Made stops all along the way and saw so many wonderful sights, heard sounds and tasted food of sorts I never tasted before.

Love discovering the world with my loved ones. Driving in our own pace and
stopping where ever we like for as long as we wished is amazing! 

You can follow the trip me made and see what inspires me at #jimmyschonninghem wich is my Instagram tag.

2014 gave so much and I want to thank everyone that contributed to making it such a remarkable year. 

On that note I want send out a shout saying that our TV3 Sweden production of Husräddarna
that I wrote here on the blog about will return as a short reminder of
all 7 programs with links so that you can see all the shows and find
them here from the blog so that you are ready for the 

NEW SEASON of 2015 when it will be broadcast in the fall. We are now in the
making of the very first episodes and we have so much to give and
surprises to offer!

Happy New 2015!

2012-11-15 : Macho Eclectic

Swedish mag AIH calls the interior style that rules at JS HEM studio
Macho Eclectic. See for yourself what that looks like and get all the
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2012-10-31 : Luxury Art and Design Weekend

Special offer valid from 9 to 11 November 2012

Apart from the luxury of staying in a hotel that commits to art and
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2012-08-29 : Modern Folklore

Interiorista Helene Holmstedt has for swedish mag AIH placed Jimmy
Schönning HEM´s  untreated wooden Treastle Table in a setting...
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2011-05-11 : Jimmy Schönning HEM

Today is the premiŤre of Jimmy Schönning HEM webshop. HEM is Swedish for HOME and Jimmy Schönnin...
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2010-12-02 : Christmas with Jimmy Schonning

It feels so right to long for Christmas now. 
Get the real swedish christmas feel at Ahlens